Medical diagnostic imaging equipment services are all we do. We have a combined experience of over 100 years in the medical imaging industry from X-ray to MRI. We are a veteran-owned company with proficiency in all local, state, and federal facilities from safety protocols and criteria to documented procedures. Because every detail matters from the beginning of a project to its completion, this attention to detail is what separates CHR from the rest.

With over
20 years of healthcare equipment installation and site preparation experience specific to the industry, Mark Collins established CHR & Associates, Inc. in 2000 after realizing a very specific need in the advancing field of medical imaging services industry. While similar companies were able to offer specific but limited services to healthcare clients, Collins was determined to provide a one-stop shop for large imaging equipment manufacturers and medical facilities by outfitting those clients with a full-range of equipment services.

Today, CHR & Associates is able to provide technically nuanced, schedule and budget-conscious imaging equipment retrofit services, new equipment installations, specialized MRI shieldingMRI elevated flooring panelsequipment chillersand site preparation. CHR is proud to deliver this broad scope of services through a dedicated staff whose mission is to maintain a current knowledge base with all medical diagnostic imaging equipment and its technological advancements.

Having successfully provided medical imaging equipment services in healthcare facilities of all sizes–from large hospital site preparation to basic clinical installations, retrofits, medical equipment relocation, and other specialty services–CHR is now a recognized, multi-vendor industry leader throughout Texas, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the Caribbean.

CHR is
immensely experienced in working in patient care environments, with the ability to interact effectively with imaging directors, facility directors, clinical technicians, manufacturers, doctors, nurses, and infection control and maintenance personnel. Infection control and life safety procedures are paramount; we maintain the highest safety standards that meet and/or exceed all hospital and clinical safety criteria.

CHR has earned its reputation by working with various equipment manufacturers and numerous healthcare facilities throughout the state of Texas and the southern United States for over 15 years. We provide all necessary disciplines required for any size project including–but not limited to–architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering; radiation physics; plan review assistance and consulting; coordination with the departments of health, departments of licensing and regulations, and The Joint Commission (JCAHO).

Our staff isn’t just highly technical; we also have expertise in healthcare
consulting. This means that we don’t just walk the technological walk, but we can talk the talk with your administrative management staff as well. We understand the importance of making all levels of professionals within your facility feel comfortable with the process. From start to finish, we’re in this together.

CHR understands that your time is valuable. You have enough work to handle without having to oversee a facility project—
no matter how all-encompassing or minimal that undertaking might be. That’s why CHR provides an on-site supervisor and project manager to maintain your specific project and interact directly with all applicable facility and manufacturing personnel. Among other measures, we conduct regular project status meetings, inform key personnel of project updates and possible other conditions; providing all required documentation and certifications as necessary.

We know you don’t like surprises–and neither do we. Our no-cost, physical on-site investigation within your facility will yield the cost estimate and work scope necessary to meet project expectations. Because of this unique service offering, we are able to provide excellent customer cost forecasting with minimal down-time… and our clients love us for it!  

CHR understands the importance of the customer’s patient imaging schedule. Your medical imaging equipment is an essential component in providing excellent patient care and meeting quality standards. We also appreciate that your equipment provides an additional source of revenue that, for some facilities, is necessary to remain fiscally viable.  At CHR, we involve all key personnel and vendors in developing and maintaining a site and equipment-specific project schedule, thus allowing for expeditious delivery and installation of equipment while minimizing customer down-time and possible mobile scanner fees.