When the time comes to build from the ground up, upgrade, or modify your medical imaging facility, this is not a job you can hand to just any company. It is a job that requires a company well-versed in codes and specifications from the Departments of Health, Licensing, and Regulation, manufacturers, and large hospital/clinical systems; to include infection control measures and interim life safety methods.

CHR knows site preparation is a serious matter. If not completed accurately and timely, the consequences could be catastrophic. We do not work alone, but rather strive to create a synergy between us, you, and the medical diagnostic imaging equipment manufacturer. We consider this a vital first step in any site preparation project.

Medical diagnostic imaging requires a seamless collaboration between the manufacturer, hospital/clinical facilities department, and contractor. We consider and efficiently coordinate all aspects to successfully develop a proper site preparation technique, resulting in minimal down-time to the facility and ease of transfer to the manufacturer.

By conducting a physical on-site inspection with the specific manufacturer’s representative, we are able to identify existing space infrastructure and determine what items can be reused for any new site preparation project. This comprehensive approach to site preparation allows us to reuse as much of the existing infrastructure as possible, meeting all specific manufacturers’ specifications, mitigating the impact of total costs to the customer, and resulting in an accelerated time of completion.

We understand that diagnostic imaging is a profit center for hospital/clinical facilities and the importance of time and cost regarding site preparation projects. This is why CHR’s combined synergetic approach to site preparation is so popular with customers and manufacturers; creating lower overall cost, down-time, and provides a seamless transfer of medical diagnostic imaging equipment.


Radiology Cardiology
  • Radiographic X-ray
  • Radiographic/Fluoroscopic X-ray
  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Single-plane catheterization labs (cardio and angio)
  • Bi-plane catheterization labs (cardio and angio)
  • Hybrid catheterization/surgical labs
Women’s Health Special Procedures
  • Digital and analog mammography
  • Bone density
  • Ultrasound
  • Urology
  • Lithotripsy
  • C-Arm
Magnetic Resonance Nuclear Medicine
  • 1.5T MRI systems
  • 3.0T MRI systems
  • 0.23T Extremities MRI systems
  • PET systems (CT and MRI)
  • Gamma cameras
  • Linear accelerators and simulators
  • Laser knives
  • Hot labs
  • Surgical Suites
  • Trauma and ER
  • General